"Yoga, that which brings a feeling of wellbeing, on the physical, mental and spiritual level. The practices are there to help remove the unwell. Really, remove lack of awareness."O. P. Tiwari


Our yoga classes are based on traditional yoga teachings as we think it is the only way to truly know this philosophy.  We believe that yoga is not a sport, on contrare being far beyond that, in any way. More than thousands of people have been practicing yoga at the studio so through this knowledge and experience, classes are adjusted to individual needs. Satya Yoga Studio vision is helping each invidiual to reach healthier body and mind, integrating this practice into everyday life. On our classes you will expand your consciousness about breathing and movement through intelligent and systematic programme of the practice. You will learn how to connect your breath with movements and succesfully bring your body and mind in balance. Our wish is to help everyone who seeks for this wellness to find stronghold for everday life. We offer classes and workshops with reasonable prices and timetable adjusted for different working hours. We hope for everybody who enter the studio to feel benefits of yoga, meditation and pranayama through every day. We believe that these are essentials for healthy and happy life.

True parameter of living is actually doing good and helping everyone and that is how we work, staying true to practice of yoga, ourselves and others.

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